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Welcome to My Home Page

Hi There!! Was getting sick of being the only living being on planet without a home page. So here it is!! No snazzy graphics, or nifty applets yet, but they're coming..

Sandeep Mukherjee

My Snazzy List of Links

Sun's Java Site: This is the 'official' java site
Gamelan: Lots of java resources
Cyber India Online: A comprehensive site on indian infotech industry
Rediff on the net: Just see it
Web finger: Get info about users on a machine (UNIX finger)
Web nslookup: Find the domain name of machine or IP address
Web traceroute: Do a traceroute to any site
Web ping: See if a site is alive
My friends page:
Bell Labs Text-to-Speech: Key in a text, hear it in .au or .wav format!!
Girls guide to geek guys: A must read for all girls AND guys
International Lyrics Server: Huge database of lyrics. Searchable by artist, album or song.

I    AM    A    JAVA    ADDICT

Java - The programming language of the future.. Just for fun, I wrote an application that gets your emails from a POP-3 server. It's free!! Click here for details and download.

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